Below you will find our options.

Optional equipment  

Ljungby Maskin manufactures to order and allows very high levels of customization. A wide range of extras is available. However, in case of special needs, our Engineering department can provide customers with solutions that will fulfil their requirements. Please contact our Sales department for more information. 
The following list is only a sample of the most common accessories and adaptations: 
  • Joystick steering 
  • Automatic centralized lubrication 
  • Extra hydraulic functions 
  • Tilting quick-coupler 
  • Reversible fan 
  • Bucket-load weighing system 
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system 
  • Air compressor • Reversing camera 
  • In-house painting to customers’ colours 
  • Special protection packages e.g. rust proofing, electrical protection, dust protection, etc. 
  • Loader-arm suspension (standard on models L9 – L20)
  • Special seats 
  • Extra lighting 
  • Particle filters

Unique cab suspension system

Ljungby Maskin Comfort System is a hydraulic cab suspension system, which provides a significant reduction of vibration and shocks in the daily use of the machine.

At the launch at the Construction Live Fair in Sweden, there were many who test drove and gave feedback. At first, many were skeptical of the system, but after a test drive of the machine all doubt gone. "The system is just amazing," was the usual comment.

The cab is suspended on hydraulic cylinders, which are automatically regulated by the machine control system "Ljungby Maskin Control System". Hydraulics is relatively easy to control and adjust and that is one of the reasons why we developed a hydraulic system for damping. The system is designed so that the cab suspension does not affect the hydraulic capacity and therefore not machine productivity either. When the suspension is on, the cab is five centimeters higher in the working position. When the suspension is turned off, the cab drops down and then gets the same height as a standard machine.

The suspension is controlled fully automatic, but there is the possibility of manual settings such as gradients, damping and sensitivity, and of course, off and on. The system is activated automatically when the machine is started and the parking brake is released and turns off when the parking brake is applied or the system is switched off using the switch.

Ljungby Maskin Control System is tested and approved in ROPS / FOPS tests. The system is optional, not standard, and is available to our entire model range.


Automatic door closer

At the launch of the Ljungby Maskin Comfort System on the Construction Live Fair in Sweden, we introduced another innovation: the automatic door closer.

With a simple push of a button, the driver can close the door without having to extend out of the machine to reach the door - a popular and underrated tool in our quest for greater operator comfort.

The system is hydraulically controlled either from the driver's seat or on the exit door at the bottom corner. The pressure is stored in the accumulator system, making it possible to close the door with a simple push of the button on exiting the machine.

The automatic door closer is tested and approved in accordance with current directives.

The system is optional, not standard, and is available to our entire model range.