Service friendliness 

Service friendliness is an important consideration in the design of a Ljungby. Fully opening gas-sprung side panels provide excellent access to the engine and filter and facilitate cleaning of the cooler and condenser. The radiator grilles are removable and allow easy cleaning of the radiator and hydraulic cooler fan. 
All dip-sticks and filling points are located on the left side of the machine. The centrally located grease nipples allow quick and easy lubrication of pins and bushes. Batteries are easily accessible in their convenient, tightly-sealed box and the cable running to the engine is very short. 

Product support 

Easy access to spare parts is an important factor when choosing a wheel loader. In line with its very high quality standards, Ljungby offers a first-class parts back-up at surprisingly reasonable prices. From our factory-based central warehouse in Ljungby, we guarantee fast delivery of spare parts for all wheel loaders we have ever produced from the very first machine. 
Our parts Specialists have many years of experience in our machines and can be trusted to offer you the best solution for your parts requirements. Many parts are still used in the machines produced in the factory today. The risk of a part not being in stock is therefore minimal. As an example, orders received before 14h00 are normally delivered within Sweden on the following day. 
To support Export markets, Ljungby has local warehouses which carry all common spare parts necessary to keep your machine running.