The company 

Ljungby Maskin celebrated 30 years in business in 2013. From our factory located in Ljungby, in Sweden, we have delivered more than 3,500 wheel loaders to satisfied customers throughout Northern Europe. During all these years, we have established a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality wheel loaders, for customers who value high productivity, rugged design, high comfort and smooth handling. 


Ljungby machine factory on the outskirts of Ljungby, close to the E4.  

Our philosophy 

Business concept 

A Ljungby is designed for customers who demand more. It is a machine for tough jobs and long service-time. Our business concept is to produce customized machines of superior quality, for optimum productivity, providing the highest levels of safety and comfort for the operator. 

Product development 

Being a relatively small company, Ljungby Maskin features short decision-lines which allow high levels of flexibility. This means, among other benefits, that new design solutions can be rapidly integrated into production. 
At Ljungby Maskin, wheel loaders are under constant development, often in close cooperation with the customer. Thanks to this philosophy, many practical solutions get incorporated on an ongoing basis and become part of the standard machine build. 
Most customers have a number of very specific requirements for their machines. Such demands present complex challenges for Ljungby engineers, in areas such as design, mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. 
Customers who handle sensitive products such as salt, fertilizer, pellets and such need a machine that is customized for these purposes. Through many years of cooperation with customers, Ljungby Maskin has accumulated a very large number of practical solutions that increase operational reliability and extend the working life of the machine. 

A Niche Company 

A small manufacturer among Giants 

With a production of less than 200 machines a year, Ljungby Maskin is a niche company that has to be better than its competitors. Ljungby Wheel Loaders are characterized by the high torsional strength of the frames and loader arms, powerful engines, transmissions and axles, low fuel consumption, high hydraulic flow, very low noise levels, an extremely tight turning radius, excellent all-around visibility and an impressive bucket angle, much appreciated by operators who get stuck. 

The Market 

Sweden is Ljungby Maskin’s largest market, but an increasing share of production is exported. The company has its own subsidiaries in Denmark and the Netherlands and retailers in several other European countries. Development of new export sales territories is ongoing. 


The major part of a Ljungby is manufactured in-house. Components that we do not manufacture ourselves are supplied by leading manufacturers. Engines are supplied by Mercedes Benz and Scania. We buy the transmission from ZF. Axles come from ZF and Graziano. The hydraulic pump is delivered by Parker and Sauer-Danfoss.