Manufacturing philosophy 

We strongly defend our philosophy to manufacture as much as possible in-house. Our customers benefit from this in two ways. First, it gives us full control over the production processes, which results in better quality. Also, it compels us to consider production efficiency from the beginning of the engineering phase, which in turn means that we can make savings in manufacturing and therefore keep prices down. 
The strong connection between the two departments is symbolized by the fact that the Engineering department is physically located alongside the production line, rather than together with the various other departments of the company.

Sheet metal goes in at one end; machines come out at the other…

Production starts with sheet metal entering one end of the plant, where it is cut using gas, laser or plasma cutting machines. 
The sheet parts are then sand-blasted and shaped using a 400 t press; tool parts are rolled and pins, profiles and flat iron bars are cut.
The parts are then prepared on multi-tool CNC machining centres. Both front and rear frames are robot-welded before going through sand-blasting, washing and painting operations in our in-house facilities. 
The plant has six robot welding machines that do 90 percent of all welding operations.
The machines are then assembled on a multi-station line fed by sub-assemblies prepared in adjacent areas. Engine and transmission are assembled in one area, front frames in another and engine compartment, hydraulic tank and cab steps in a third one. Cylinders, loader arms, tyres and cabs complete the machines as they go down the line. By this time, they have reached the other end of the plant, opposite to where the sheets came in.
Finally, the machines are filled with hydraulic oil and fuel before start-up and final testing.
This is performed on the test-driving track located on Ljungby premises, behind the plant.

Everything under one roof 

All of Ljungby Maskin production is built to order. Most machines include many optional extras. 

In-house production in the 12.000 sqm factory is maximized to ensure the highest levels of quality. The company manufactures front and rear frames, loading arms, cabs, various tools, hydraulic cylinders and other associated components. The drive-line components, i.e. engine, transmission and axles are supplied by leading manufacturers. 
Cutting, bending, rolling, welding, machining, sand-blasting, washing and painting all take place in the plant before the machines are assembled and tested. This manufacturing philosophy reduces vulnerability to sub-standard quality by giving Ljungby full control over the production processes. The environment is also spared unnecessary pollution caused by numerous journeys between production units.