Ljungby Machine introduces Stage V engines

01 February, 2019

Ljungby Maskin will in the autumn introduce Stage V engines to meet the new environmental requirements for January 1, 2020.

We have tested the new engines and now we will begin deliveries of machines with Step V engines in autumn 2019. The transition from Step 4F to V is not dramatic for drivers and owners. We will maintain the well-proven SISU / AGCO engine that we have had since 2012.
SISU's solution of the system for purifying the exhaust gases with AdBlue has proved very effective and safe if the AdBlue system is kept clean. By purity is meant that operators keep clean about the filling of AdBlue liquid and that the liquid has not passed the best before date. The biggest single problem with AdBlue is contamination (impurities) in the fluid, this can be easily prevented and prevented by operators.
The difference between the engines between Step 4F and Step V is that the purification system for exhaust gases is further refined. A particle filter is added for the purification process, but otherwise limited technical changes occur. These improvements allow us to pass on a better environment to our descendants, and that is the incentive for development.